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Microsoft Office 2000 50

Small Business Customer Manager integrates accounting information and customer contacts to create a centralized database that allows a small business to share and track customer information and utilize Office 2000 applications to analyze and act on that data. Small Business Customer Manager works with more than 50 accounting applications from leading providers worldwide, including Peachtree Software Inc., Intuit Inc., MYOB U.S. Inc., as well as with Microsoft Money 99 Personal and Business.

microsoft office 2000 50

To provide small businesses with maximum flexibility in choosing the Office 2000 suite that best meets their needs, Small Business Tools and Microsoft Publisher 2000 will be available in Office 2000 Small Business, Office 2000 Professional and Office 2000 Premium. Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Tools are scheduled to be available June 10 through retail channels as part of the Microsoft Office 2000 suites listed above. The Microsoft Office 2000 launch is scheduled to be held in San Francisco at the Metreon on Monday, June 7.

The Office 2000 Technology Guarantee Program ensures a smooth transition from Office 97 to Office 2000; customers who purchase the Office 97 suite or an individual application before Office 2000 becomes available are eligible to receive the corresponding Office 2000 suite or application free. The Office 2000 Technology Guarantee allows those who license Office 97 Professional, as well as FrontPage 98 or PhotoDraw 2000, prior to the release of Office 2000 to receive a free upgrade to Office 2000 Premium. The Technology Guarantee also allows those who license Office 97 Professional to receive an upgrade to Office 2000 Premium for $100.

In addition to the Technology Guarantee Program, Microsoft and several third-party vendors are offering incentives that make Office 2000 an even better value. From now until the launch of Office 2000, customers can receive a 20 percent discount on memory upgrades (from Kingston Technology Corporation), free Web hosting (from AnaServe, Inc.), and a $50 rebate on Voice Xpress continuous dictation software (from Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V.). Microsoft is also offering the Intellimouse Pro pointing device at a reduced price to purchasers of an Office 2000 Premium upgrade.

Office 2000 Premium: Includes Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, the Outlook 2000 messaging and collaboration client, PowerPoint 2000 presentation graphics program, Microsoft Access 2000, Publisher 2000, FrontPage 2000, PhotoDraw 2000, the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 browser and Microsoft Office Small Business Tools. Estimated retail price (ERP) for version upgrades is $399. ERP for upgrades from non-Microsoft suites or desktop applications is $449. ERP for new users is $799.

Office 2000 Professional: Includes Word 2000, Excel 2000, Outlook 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Access 2000, Publisher 2000, and Microsoft Office Small Business Tools. ERP for version upgrades is $309. ERP for upgrades from non-Microsoft suites or desktop applications is $349. ERP for new users is $599.

Office 2000 Small Business: Includes Word 2000, Excel 2000, Outlook 2000, Publisher 2000, and Microsoft Office Small Business Tools. ERP for version upgrades is $209. ERP for upgrades from non-Microsoft suites or desktop applications is $249. ERP for new users is $499.

Office 2000 Standard: Includes Word 2000, Excel 2000, Outlook 2000, and PowerPoint 2000. ERP for version upgrades is $209. ERP for upgrades from non-Microsoft suites or desktop applications is $249. ERP for new users is $499.

Office 2000 Developer: Microsoft Office 2000 Developer is designed for developers building solutions that customize, automate and integrate Microsoft Office. Includes Office 2000 Premium as well as tools and documentation for building, managing and deploying solutions with Microsoft Office. ERP for version upgrades is $609. ERP for upgrades from non-Microsoft suites or desktop applications is $649. ERP for new users is $999.

First off, I want to thank all the donors for participating and helping us out with the Charity Auction at Anthrocon 1999. It was supremely successful and went off without a hitch. We broke a number of records, too! We're getting better every year and I hope you'll be interested in helping us in the years to come as well. This list will be used a few times more before Anthrocon 2000 to see who on it would like to donate to the Charity Auction at that time, then it will be disbanded in exchange for the AC 2000 Mailing list. Thank you all again!

Con Chair Collector's Plates (Jim Groat) - $40Set of Animal Magnetic Poetry (Mark Correia) - $15Ty Large Beanie Baby "Pepper" (Jason Saylor) - $55"Lost Tales" Children's Book (Jeff Jonas) - $120"Brothers" artwork (Christopher Goodwin) - $335"The Cat's Commandments" (Dr. Samuel Conway) - $305'x6' realistic portrayal of a fox (Ian Dettmering) - $50Ty Beanie Baby "Scorch" (Jason Saylor) - $30Limpidity comic strip original "Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors..." (Po Shan Cheah) - $20Uncle Kage's story hour card (Dr. Samuel Conway) - $40Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Paul Seid) - $90Ren & Stimpy #1-30 (Smrgol) - $70Feral! registration (Dan Markey) - $60"Mimi & Gogo" artwork (Diosden Rodriguez) - $10Sculpture by Vicky Wyman (Charles Groark) - $140"Missy" artwork (Gary Akins, Jr.) - $20"Essence of Cherry Blossoms" artwork (Shannon Stuart) - $50Godiva chocolates (Catchclaw) - $75Limpidity original comic strip "Fortune Teller" (Po Shan Cheah) - $10Dinkie Dino keychain pet (Jason Saylor) - $53' Kaa snake plush (Jason Saylor) - $30"Dreamrunner" artwork by Terrie Smith (Glen Wooten) - $90Animalympics OST LP and CDR (Gary Akins, Jr.) - $30Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 (Paul Seid) - $170"Dueling Pens vs. Masquerade Setup" artwork (Jim Groat) - $50Dragonslayer promo stickers (Smrgol) - $20art print (Wookiee) - $50Microsoft Office 2000 Professional (Paul Seid) - $60Limited Edition Hautman Bros. Collectible Knife Series (Roger and Jill Wilbur) - $325212 oz. Nutella (Smrgol) - $80Usagi Yojimbo cap (Christian Arbeen) - $25Hepcats #1, #2 (Anthony Albert) - $20Poser 2.0 (Paul Seid) - $30Barrel of scrunchies (Robin Andersen) - $20Gund bear plush "Schlepp" (Jason Saylor) - $25"Chromatic Tiger Pride Ju-Ju" artwork (Christopher Goodwin) - $200"Coyote Vampire Huntress" artwork (Lonnie DiNello) - $20Jenna plush (Jeff Jonas) - $100Godiva chocolate gift basket (Godiva Chocolates) - $80"Reunion" artwork (Witch Cat) - $20"The Chicago Way" West Corner o/t Park artwork (Jim Groat) - $30Comic collection (Bronzebear Media) - $40Whiskey mirror (Jeff Jonas) - $25Microsoft Frontpage 2000 (Paul Seid) - $20"Cornbread Berry Cobbler" artwork (Margaret & Robert Carspecken) - $60Aristocats CAV laserdisc (Gary Akins, Jr.) - $50Animalympics videotape (Dorothy Rumfelt) - $50Cross-stitched embroidery artwork (Chik'ki) - $100"Kamaitachi" artwork (Cecil) - $10"The Last Software" artwork (John Calcano) - $100Animal mezzuzahs (Jeff Jonas) - $30Illusion necklace (Lynn Davis) - $40Microsoft Backoffice Server (Paul Seid) - $60Hand-bound blank sketchbook (Bryan Feir) - $25"Graceful Movement" artwork (Shannon Stuart) - $45Figment dragon plush (Po Shan Cheah) - $25Watership Down OST LP & CDR (Gary Akins, Jr.) - $65

The information given by Microsoft for fonts included in Windows 2000 and Windows XP is flagrantly and bizarrely incorrect. The list given here conforms to a (hidden) list on the Adobe site and has been confirmed by emperic testing.

This is an issue with Microsoft Office 2000 only, and occurs if theWord macro security settings are set to High. To resolve this problem,from the Word tools menu, select Macro and then Security. Set the macrosecurity to Medium. Try creating your letter template or letters again.

Microsoft Office 97 apps were released with deliberately weak encryption, which was carried over to Office 2000. The artificial vulnerability existed due to US export restrictions. While native US versions of Microsoft Office could be configured to use somewhat stronger encryption, the setting was rarely enabled because of compatibility concerns.

While never fully lifting the export restrictions on cryptographic products, the export control restrictions became mostly nonexistent by 2000. However, Microsoft continued using weak encryption for several more years in Office XP and 2003. These versions of Microsoft Office use Office 97 encryption and hashing by default. As a result, most Office XP and Office 2003 documents can be decrypted in a matter of seconds with Elcomsoft Advanced Office Recovery using Thunder Tables.

Advanced Office Password Breaker is designed to quickly remove password protection from documents in the old DOC and XLS formats regardless of the version of Microsoft Office that was used to save the files. These file formats were used by default in Microsoft Word 97/2000 and Excel 97/2000. They remained the default format in Microsoft Office XP and 2003 (near-instant recovery only possible with default encryption settings).

The web server software is integrated within the operating system. Microsoft SQL 2000 with SP3 is the minimum required database software for e-Synergy. As of release 373 the use of SQL Server 2005 with SP2 is also supported.

The Web server software requires Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 as the operating system. Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0 or 6.0 is required for the Application Server. This software is shipped as an integral part of respectively Microsoft Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, Advanced Server or Datacenter Server) or Microsoft Windows 2003 (Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Datacenter Edition, Web Edition).

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