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The Toys That Made Us Torrent

Parents need to know that The Toys That Made Us is a fun docuseries about toys geared toward teens and adults. Featured products range from famous dolls and action figures to movie and TV-based merchandise. All of this is offered in an informative context. Some episodes contain some strong sexual innuendo, and most contain some quirky, risqué humor for an audience that's ready for a nostalgic trip back to childhood.

the toys that made us torrent


This entertaining, quirky series explores the thinking behind some of America's most popular toys. It reveals how dolls like G.I. Joe were designed to give kids a chance to play in ways that weren't possible before, while other toys were specifically made to expand film, TV, and comic book franchises. Designers describe the challenges they faced when trying to create a product with mass appeal, even if it looked different from other toys on the market. The unique corporate deals and marketing schemes that led to big profits (and some epic failures) are also discussed.

The Toys That Made Us talks about the different ways toys are marketed, including linking them to TV and film entertainment. How can kids be made more aware of these strategies and see past them?

Actually, they're not entirely wrong. Back in the early '80s, She-Ra's main appeal was her femininity. But only insofar as that she was a "she." In Netflix's docuseries, The Toys That Made Us, former Mattel CEO Jill Barad explains that She-Ra was created to capitalize on the 20% of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans that were female. Unofficially, she also wanted to make sure that Barbie -- the company's golden goose -- was no longer being outshined by a bunch of body-building boys toys -- a battlefield that He-Man's creators were more than willing to meet the women on, refusing to let She-Ra match her twin brother in size or stature for fear that their Eternian Prince would be made to look like a "wimp." Even when the princess was in her infancy, her body was being controlled by a bunch of disgruntled men.

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Judge Wilson's order follows a summary judgement against Fung in December 2009. At that time, Wilson said that Fung had completely failed to rebut the claims brought against him by the MPAA. The movie studios had brought in expert witnesses stating that a statistical sampling of the content and server logs showed that nearly all of the content infringed copyrights, and about half of the downloads were made within the US. Fung dismissed this as "junk science" but did not present any sort of evidence showing that this wasn't a valid approach.

It was in 1959, that U.N Mehta made the ground-breaking decision to establish his own company, Trinity Laboratories, with a starting capital of only Rs 25,000. This organization began producing specialized medications. It was a significant move at a period when only multinational corporations produced specialty medications, and Mr. Mehta went on to found Torrent Laboratories in 1976. The firm began promoting a variety of important pharmaceuticals at extremely lower rates and quickly established a reputation for itself. Torrent is now a huge corporation involved in pharmaceuticals and electricity generation.

Fast forward to 1994, in the Indian market, the company was the first to introduce ranitidine (Ranitin), nifedipine (Calcigard), atenolol (Betacard), domperidone (Domstal), diltiazem (Dilzem), amiodorane (Cordarone), lisinopril (Listril), and other medications. During the same year, the Company introduced many new medications, including Zirtin, Tyklid, Flutamide, and Topcef, all of which were favorably welcomed by the market. In 1997, the firm made strategic agreements with world-renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi in France for cardio-vascular products and Novo Nordisk in Denmark for diabetes treatment. With sales in over 70 countries and a network of international marketing offices, Torrent become one of India's top exporters of medicinal formulations during that period.

The DMCA provides copyright owners with a process for notifying service providers that store or host customer content (such as websites and hosting services) of alleged copyright infringements made by their users. In most cases, these service providers are required to act on valid notifications and to terminate (in appropriate circumstances) subscribers and account holders who are repeat copyright infringers. Copyright infringement takes a variety of forms, but frequently consists of the unauthorized copying or sharing of files containing music, movies, television shows or computer games.

I made the same mistake. Searching found this question and that helped me fix it. But to make it clearer for others who come this way via searches on how to do it from python3+ this is the explicit fix:

I went to Buffalo, determined to make another effort. The preliminaries of the meeting threw me into the same nervous tension, but when I faced the audience, there were no visions to inflame my mind. In an endless, repetitious manner I made my speech about the waste of energy and time the eight-hour struggle involved, scoffing at the stupidity of the workers who fought for such trifles. At the end of what seemed to me several hours I was complimented on my clear and logical presentation. Some questions were asked, and I answered them with a sureness that brooked no gainsaying. But on the way home from the meeting my heart was heavy. No words of exaltation had come to me, and how could one hope to reach other hearts when one's own remained cold? I decided to wire Most the next morning, begging him to relieve me of the necessity of going to Cleveland. I could not bear to repeat once more the meaningless prattle.

I flared up, declaring I would not be treated as a mere female. I blurted out that I would never again follow blindly, that I had made a fool of myself, that the five-minute speech of the old worker had convinced me more than all his persuasive phrases. I talked on, my listener keeping very silent. When I had finished, he called the waiter and paid the bill. I followed him out.

Everybody on the East Side who was able to say a few words in public was drawn into the struggle. They were nearly all men, except Annie Netter, a young girl who had already made a name for herself by her untiring activity in the anarchist and labor ranks. She had been one of the most intelligent and indefatigable women workers in various strikes, including those of the Knights of Labor, an organization which had been for a number of years the storm-center of the intense campaigns of the eighties. It had reached its zenith in the eight-hour fight led by Parsons, Spies, Fielden and the other men who had died in Chicago. It began its downward course when Terence V. Powderly, Grand Master of the Knights of Labor, had allied himself with the enemies of his comrades who were being rushed to their doom. It was well known that Powderly, in return for thirty pieces of silver, had helped to pull the strings that strangled the men in Chicago. Militant workers withdrew from the Knights of Labor, and it became a dumping-ground for unscrupulous job-hunters.

Another time, in Königsberg, my people, having lost everything in Popelan, were too poor to afford decent schooling for Herman and myself. The city's rabbi, a distant relative, had promised to arrange the matter, but he insisted on monthly reports of our behavior and progress at school. I hated it as a humiliation that outraged me, but I had to carry the report. One day I was given a low mark for bad behavior. I went home in trembling fear. I could not face Father --- I showed my paper to Mother. She began to cry, said that I would be their ruin, that I was an ungrateful and willful child, and that she would have to let Father see the paper. But she would plead with him for me, although I did not deserve it. I walked away from her with a heavy heart. At our bay window I looked out over the fields in the distance. Children were playing there; they seemed to belong to another world --- there never had been much play in my life. A strange thought came to me: how wonderful it would be if I were stricken with some consuming disease! It would surely soften Father's heart. I had never known him soft save on Sukkess, the autumnal holiday of rejoicing. Father did not drink, except a little on certain Jewish fêtes, on this day especially. Then he would grow jolly, gather the children about him, promise us new dresses and toys. It was the one bright spot in our lives and we always eagerly looked forward to it. It happened only once a year. As long as I could think back, I remembered his saying that he had not wanted me. He had wanted a boy, the pig woman had cheated him. Perhaps if I should become very ill, near death, he would become kind and never beat me again or let me stand in the corner for hours, or make me walk back and forth with a glass of water in my hand. "If you spill a drop, you will get whipped!" he would threaten. The whip and the little stool were always at hand. They symbolized my shame and my tragedy. After many attempts and considerable punishment I had learned to carry the glass without spilling the water. The process used to unnerve me and make me ill for hours after. 350c69d7ab

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