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Network marketing duplication is a huge factor in the tremendous success people all over the world enjoy in our industry. In this post, I will share the proven strategy our team trains all new members to follow.


It s the process where new business partners copy exactly the effective actions of the leaders of the network marketing team. When every new team member copies or duplicates those same actions, even people with no previous experience can have massive success in network marketing.

The long existence of multitudes of MLM organizations is a wonderful indicator that network marketing is here to stay and flourish. As such, additional people are trying to join the bandwagon, building their own MLM .

A lot of people think that network marketing is a self-generating business, but if that was the case, then no MLM organization would have had failed. Downlines certainly not duplicate on their own, even if the product being marketed is perfect. The people in the downline are to be trained and mentored well or else the business would take no direction and would lastly fall flat.

It is a sad fact in human life that a lot of people think only for themselves. The people on top could think only of their success and see the ones under as nothing but machines to propagate the success. But that cannot happen in multi-level marketing.

The founder of the network marketing organization should be very conscious that what he or she was able to do, the people in the downline could do perfectly as well. There should be no secrets within the organization for the downline to duplicate.

In this light, the leader of a network marketing organization should reflect and see how the connection with the downline, or the prospective downline is. First one has to be sure if the people in the downline could relate with the leader and vice-versa. Duplication is unachievable without proper relation. Second, the leader should act in a way that is not so alienating to the downline, otherwise they might think too highly of the leader that they might assume they would never be able to be like him or her.

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You can be good in network marketing, if YOU are a Rockstar, but you can be exceptional in network marketing if you build Rockstars!

As an online marketer I have experienced it first hand, without duplication there is no long-term sustainability in your business. If my downline fails to make a profit from their use of the system, they will not be able to stay with it for long therefore my team goes weak. Even if I were to constantly recruit and gain new members, I cannot continue doing so indefinitely.

This is why I say you need Duplication. Your Success Depends on This.Fortunately, duplication is one of the first principles that any successful leader in the MLM industry will teach to their organisation. After all, another key success principle in MLM is that in order to succeed, you absolutely must help others to succeed first. You have to be generous with your time, patience and really set out to help people. You cannot be too self-centered or ego-driven either, because your own results will not apply to your downline and you must not mislead in your early attempts as this only hinder your team progress.

The key to success in network marketing and MLM is duplication, it is also in the ability to teach duplication. Teaching this principle early on will help your organisation grow and duplicate rapidly. Helping others to become successful in this technique is a cornerstone of building large network marketing organisations.Depending on how you go about getting leads is also going to be a factor. It is important to create a lead generation method that others can follow. The last thing you want to do is have your newcomers become overwhelmed because they cannot figure out how to do something. Keep it simple, and do whatever it takes to help them get off to a good start. Simplifying the process for your new team members, and helping them create early success will help to create a stable team, as opposed to people coming and going all of the time.

Knowing how to duplicate in your network marketing business is critical to your success. Duplication allows you to tap into leverage. Leverage is the key to enduring wealth. However, most people think that duplication is a myth.

The authors point out that network marketing is a fast-growing and booming industry in the U.S. The book provides strategies to solve the issues first-year professionals encounter. In addition, it sheds light on the attitude and approach one should possess to excel in network marketing. The book has a recruitment and training program. It lists the basic factors to care about, like being enthusiastic, remaining focused, avoiding in-home meetings, not getting disappointed from failure, etc.

The book is the professional blueprint for young professionals who choose to expand in network marketing. It easily ranks among the top 10 network marketing books that have impacted many lives and helped young executives grow globally. This book is perfect for sincere professionals with a can-do attitude and a go-getter attitude.

The book comprises many short stories and leadership qualities to apply in life. It is not a typical and just another book among other best selling network marketing books to read. The book talks about marketers becoming influential, imbibing necessary leadership qualities, and becoming good with patience, hard work, and practice.

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