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TOCA Race Driver 3 includes 120 Championships and 35 types of racing through the Championship in World Tour, Pro Career, and Free Race. Also, it has Bonus Championships in different disciplines. They take place largely in the UK and Germany, though many more tracks are unlocked by winning cups in Pro Career, or by setting a lap time record on a course within Pro Career mode. Open-wheel, GT, Oval racing, Rallying and Off-road racing were all featured and can be raced in either a detailed Pro Career mode or an open-ended World Tour. The game features many real-life competitions, including British GT, DTM, IRL and V8 Supercars, as well as a Vintage series, other GT series, and Rally. The Formula Williams FW27 is the featured car of the Formula 1 series in the game. The career mode progresses with various cutscenes featuring the player character's crew chief providing driving tips and general commentary.

ToCA Race Driver 3

Settings for racing are largely customisable. Players can adjust the number of laps and difficulty level. Race rules such as wrong way, corner-cutting, and careless driving penalties, and racing flags can also be turned on or off. Players can choose to qualify for races, which allows them to secure a position on the starting grid rather than being placed at the back.

Online play allows 12 and 8 players on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, respectively. It is the only racing simulator for PlayStation 2 with an online racing mode. For the PC up to 12 players could race together with the built-in GameSpy Server or by using a LAN. When GameSpy closed in 2014 online multiplayer was subsequently made possible using the Free Tunngle Network but was shut down in April 2018 due to pending requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

The damage model from TOCA Race Driver 2 is improved. Codemasters added additional damage elements for engine, suspension, axle and steering. Tire modelling has also been improved. Tires are affected by being cool or hot and wear over time.[4] The developers wanted to improve the single-player racing experience. Johnathan Davis, designer on Race Driver 3 felt that in too many games "you start on the grid and either get left behind or your overtake the AI and go on to win. We really wanted people to battle all the way through".[4] Codemasters interviewed real racing drivers to learn what challenges they would face on the track, such as judging braking distances. These were then implemented into the game's AI.[4] It supports Introversion Software's amBX gaming lights.[5]

There are two main gameplay modes. The World Tour mode has the player starting a racing career and, with the help of a Scottish manager, attempting to gain renown and acceptance into more famous racing events. There are 3D rendered cutscenes shown from the player's point-of-view, which move the story along and, while not as detailed as its predecessor, gives a good idea of the back scenes of a professional racer's life aside from just the racing. This mode includes mixtures from all the racing disciplines.

ToCA Race Driver 3 lets you race in virtually every professional racing circuit in the history of the sport with unrivaled vehicular and course accuracy. Want to race in the Daytona 500? No problem. How about the World Sprint Car series? Sure. How about driving a Mercedes-Benz W25 in a 1930s-style European racing circuit? Yes, and much more.

Aside from racing, you can personalize your car in each race. The tuning tab allows you to control downforce, transmission, anti-roll, ride height, brake bias, tires, suspension and toe and camber. It would be nice if the game had a tutorial on how to properly calibrate these functions, because each car handles differently and some are outright impossible to control when you first test them out. Yet, each car is set on default settings for what a realistic drive would be like with the selected car. Every car drives differently; stock cars are top heavy, Formula 1 racers have a tendency to spin-out, monster trucks bounce around a lot. This means that each new championship series requires a steep learning curve as you initially crash the car numerous times on that first turn. Racing fans will enjoy the challenge but casual gamers will find the unforgiving controls frustrating.

TOCA Race Driver 3 is delivering an incredible gaming experience for the drive of your life. Are you brave enough to finish every competition with pedal to the metal? Discover the world of fastest cars and furious drivers!

TOCA Race Driver 3 is an immersive arcade racing game developed by Codemasters for multiple platforms. Race off against human and AI-controlled drivers in the grid, where your reflexes and speed determine the ultimate winner.

Coming February 24, 2006, to PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, TOCA Race Driver 3 delivers more than ever before with over 150 miles of the world's most celebrated courses, taking racers to 43 locations across 13 countries in the largest collection of race tracks ever featured in one game.

From the most prestigious circuits in Europe, including the UK's iconic Silverstone, Germany's demanding Hockenheim with its gladiatorial stadium section, and the dramatic drops and rises of Belgium's historic Spa-Francorchamps as it blasts through the Ardennes forest, TOCA Race Driver 3 will also take you to Australia's V8 championship venues, the raceways of the US and the latest tracks on the global racing map: Shanghai International, Bahrain International and Istanbul Park.

Every track has been authentically recreated for the game using real-world GPS topographical data so you're guaranteed to experience them just as real race drivers do. For Mount Panorama (Bathurst), a new geographic survey of the circuit was commissioned exclusively for the game to capture every last detail. Additionally, the game's enhanced rendering engine means every race course will shine in visual detail with multi-textured surfaces that bring spectacular effects to track objects and the circuits themselves.

With over 120 championships, you'll not only be competing in some seriously aggressive real events but also take some of the greatest cars to different circuits for the first time - be the first to find out what it's like to race a V8 car at top US circuits such as Laguna Seca!

If you're ready to race it, TOCA Race Driver 3 will give you the world when it launches February 24, 2006, for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. Get in gear with the latest shots and videos now available from the game's website at

March 1, 2006 - TOCA Race Driver 3 is a sim. It enforces the rules of each race to literally keep you in line. You will even be penalized for getting out of line. Each race is taken as seriously as if it were the real thing. You will be coached in the various disciplines and be expected to adhere to the rules of each and every race. There are a lot of sharp corners on the tracks and you can't cut them. You've got to learn to stay in your lane and not cross the line. Bumping other vehicles is also a no-on. It might cost you points or your position or worse yet, it might result in a crash and that can permanently affect your vehicle's performance. This is no arcade game, it's going to kick your ass.

The number of races you can take part in is overwhelming: NASCAR, Formula 1, Rally, Sprint, Monster Truck, Off Road, Open Wheel, Indy, Touring, Stock Car and even Go-Kart racing to name a few. All of these racing games are quality. Although I can't say they are all excellent they are all very good. You won't find a few standouts with a bevy of add-ons. Each race offers plenty of depth in and of itself. There are some floaty physics issues I have with the game overall, where the automobiles feel a little light. The off-road terrain can feel as slick as a wet asphalt track. It's something that you do get used to and the perception is more pronounced since you can move from different racing styles in a few seconds so you're always comparing them to last game.

There are two Career modes, offline multi-player and even online play for up to eight players. Even playing against the AI can be fun but it doesn't beat the multi-player modes. The easiest difficulty setting is great for beginners. The AI slows down on corners allowing you a fair racer where you can actually learn how to control the different vehicles around the tracks. There are 70 licensed cars and 80 licensed tracks. On the higher difficulty settings the AI will take corners at incredible speeds. It's going to take you some time to learn how to corner properly so you'll want to get as much practice in as possible. The faster you go the more difficult it is to control your car. The AI doesn't always seem to share that problem.

The AI will cause accidents just like real drivers, but they will also try to avoid accidents that you cause by driving around the disaster area. You might be able to recover your position from an accident but your vehicle will take damage both on the outside and internally. You might only be showing a crumpled fender but your engine might have sustained some damage which causes it to stall intermittently. Or you could have damaged the stabilizer which affects your steering, causing your vehicle to pull to the right or left. If things look hopeless for you, you can restart the race from anywhere and try it all over again.

In the World Tour mode you will be faced with a 32-tier tournament. You don't always have to come in first to continue to the next leg but most of the time you'll have to be in the top three. The World Tour mode is also the story mode. Here you will learn the finer points of racing from your Scottish mechanic mentor. The story outlines your struggle for racing supremacy and your rivalry with different racers. The story itself is very weak as it tries too hard to inspire and motivate you through revenge as opposed to the love of the sport. Even though the dialog is cheesy, the voiceacting holds up well. 041b061a72

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