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!!HOT!! Achi Ir Pro Sc Software 21l

Acknowledgments The corresponding author (Wajid NASIM) is high-ly thankful to Government of Australia, for Endeavor Research Award/Fellowship (No. 4915_2015) for The Commonwealth Scientific andIndustrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Sustainable Agriculture,National Research Flagship, Toowoomba-QLD 4350, Australia.Moreover, first author is grateful to the International Global ChangeInstitute (IGCI) Hamilton, New Zealand for providing software(SimCLIM 2013), for providing required climatic dataset for future pro-jections with respect to Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Furthermore, co-authors (Wajid NASIM and Shakeel AHMAD) are thankful to HigherEducation Commission (HEC), Pakistan, for partial funding.

!!HOT!! Achi Ir Pro Sc Software 21l

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