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Scp Containment Breach Mtf PATCHED

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") is a Mobile Task Force squad composed of nine units separated into 3 groups. In SCP - Containment Breach, their primary task is to handle containment breaches by re-containing all active, hostile SCP instances, rescuing surviving Foundation personnel and terminating any rogue Class-D personnel.

scp containment breach mtf

Epsilon-11, codenamed Nine-Tailed Fox, is a Task Force specializing in the protection and re-containment of SCP items kept at the site the game takes place in. They are the primary MTF unit encountered in SCP - Containment Breach and are comprised of nine members, each member representing and identified as one tail in the groups namesake. They wield an FN P90.

Nine-Tailed Fox can also have different reactions to each SCP they encounter. When they come into contact with SCP-173, they will immediately cease all other activities, including pursuing the player. Each member will notify the other when they are about to blink. Eventually they will place SCP-173 inside a containment box and will proceed to deliver it to its containment chamber.

Nine-Tailed Fox will also evade SCP-049 and SCP-106 when the units encounter either of them. Encountering an SCP-049-2 instance or an SCP-008 infected results in the unit attempting to eliminate the given target. If the player is caught by SCP-049 in its containment chamber, a scene plays out depicting the player, now an instance of SCP-049-2, hobbling towards three Nine-Tailed Fox members. Shortly after, they will start shooting the player, killing them.

During the Gate B ending, SCP-682 breaks out of containment, forcing the Foundation to nuke the facility. If the player disabled the warheads, two MTFs will come through a nearby door and terminate the player. It should be noted that the 4 MTF Units that arrive in the Gate B ending, have a blue uniform, and are possibly Cloud-9.

If you meet SCP-106 or SCP-049, the group will start to leave them. Faced with SCP-173, the operatives will maintain eye contact with the object, and then close it in the containment cage and carry it to SCP Content Chambers # SCP-173 Content Chamber of the facility. If they meet SCP-096 along the way, the soldiers will turn away from him. If the group encounters SCP-049-2 or an infected surgeon, they will be shot. When the electric gate is reached, the group will ask for their disconnection, but after a while, the gate will be restarted.

Mobile Task Forces (MTFs) are elite units comprised of personnel drawn from across the Foundation and are mobilized to deal with threats or situations. They are the best the Foundation has to offer. Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon 11, codenamed "Nine-Tailed Fox" is a specialised task force dealing with the Foundations internal security, such as the containment breach occuring in Site [REDACTED]. And as such is the Mobile Task Force deployed to deal with the containment breaches, resulting in the alternate abberation for MTFs ingame, NTF.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11, designated Nine-Tailed Fox, is the Mobile Task Force squad sent to handle the containment breach of the SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod. This MTF squad consists of 9 men (each representing 1 tail) split into 3 units (a foxtrot) consisting of 3 men each that are intensively trained in protection and recontainment of SCP items at a breached SCP site. Their primary objective is to recapture all escaped hostile SCP entities, restore power to areas of the facility that have been damaged and terminate any rogue D-Class.

However, SCP-207-1 does not alter the body of affected subjects. Physiology remains unchanged, and as such, can rarely support the increase in activity. No subjects have lasted longer than 48 hours during testing, with the cause of death varying from massive internal organ failure to exsanguination due to major artery ruptures. Subjects also begin to show stress after roughly 24 hours, usually making each movement extremely carefully, in order to avoid accidents. Tests SCP-207-Alpha and -Rho have shown that after approximately 24 hours, the increases caused by SCP-207-1 mean subjects can easily underestimate their speed. Most specifically, in test SCP-207-Rho, the subject was able to escape the containment area, despite a five (5) metre wall. However, this caused the test subject's internal bone structure [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-207 is located in its containment chamber. Upon right clicking SCP-207 within the player's inventory and selecting use, the player will drink the liquid within it. This action does not consume SCP-207. Drinking SCP-207 will apply a speed boost to the player, as well as add a saturating filter to the screen. This effect is permanent, and further drinking will stack the effect. If the player drinks five times from any SCP-207 instance, they will be met with instant death.

Absolutely nothing is known about D-9341's past other than the fact that his name is Benjamin Oliver Walker, a senior researcher at the Foundation before his memories were wiped and he was demoted to D-class for doing unauthorized research on an anomalous phenomenon known as 'The Spiral Gestalt". After being escorted to Euclid classified SCP-173's containment chamber to do some tests on it with another pair of D classes, a power outage ultimately led to a huge containment breach among the facility. Fitted with nothing but an orange prisoner jumpsuit, D-9341 is forced to navigate his way through the Foundation with dozens of inhumanly dangerous anomalies hunting him down.

See No EvilThe MTF squad See No Evil has been deployed into Site 19 to assist the Nine Tailed Fox in recontainment of SCPs. Upon encountering D-9341, they will attempt to shoot and kill the player. They use the old MTF design.

SCP-178 was a pair of stereoscopic 3D glasses that, when worn, would made the wearer see hostile humanoid entities resembling cicadas and jumping spiders. It was added to the game in v1.1 before being removed in v1.3.10. The item was removed for a few reasons, those being that it was deemed useless compared to other SCPs, it basically served a way for players to kill themselves thinking it was an important item, and that its containment chamber had problems spawning due to the spawning algorithm, which made user "achievement runs" difficult to accomplish.

A model and containment room was created for SCP-689 in the hope of better utilizing the eye mechanics in the game. It was intended that whenever the player would made eye contact with SCP-689, they would have to maintain it. Should they take their eyes off SCP-689, it would instantly kill them. Regalis (while in favor of better use of the eye mechanics) deemed SCP-689 "too powerful and over-the-top", and decided not to include the SCP in the game.

D-9341 Is the main character in the Horror Game SCP Containment breach. Originally carted out of his cell to help with SCP 173 Clean Up, something happened with the power (unknown) and cause a wide-spread facility breach. With no one to help and every guard dead, it is up to D-9341 to contain these Scps, or don't, and escape the facility alive.

Intelligence: Very High (D-9341 Is able to survive a wide-spread facility containment breach with relative ease, seemingly already knows how to contain the SCPs that broke free from containment, SCP 173, SCP 106, SCP 035, SCP 096, etc, and knows when a voice in a particular room is just another SCP 939 Specimen, theories also state that D-9341 was a researcher at the current site he's in, so he likely holds several PHDs and Degrees in various medical, science, and other proffesionals, though this is currently just a theory and shouldn't be considered for his intelligence.)

Mobile task force Nu-7 is Site-19's primary fighting force, responsible with handling all hostile forces who wish to work against the foundation such as during a CI raid. The secondary purpose of Nu-7 is to assist large scale containment breaches of SCP-008-2, SCP-049 instances, or SCP-682

Special Containment Procedures: All found SCP-087-R-UA devices should be stored in steel safes in storages with the third level of isolation from radio signals. All subjects SCP-078-H-UA must be captured and placed in cameras for low abnormal humanoids and with the third level of isolation from radio signals. SCP-087-R-UA and SCP-087-H-UA can only be removed from storages only for research purposes and only with written permissions from two (2) researchers with clearance level 3/087-UA or more. All researches can only be done in cameras with third level isolation from radio signals. Relocate of SCP-087-R-UA and SCP-087-H-UA beyond isolated cameras is possible only with written permissions from senior researcher and from the director of Site UA-337. In case if it is impossible to capture new samples of SCP-087-H-UA or SCP-087-R-UA they should be eliminated. Also, it is allowed to eliminate SCP-087-H-UA with written permission from a senior researcher or in case of security containment breach. 350c69d7ab

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