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VBCable A B Download Pc

How to Download and Install VBCable A B on Your PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

VBCable A B is a virtual audio device that works as a virtual audio cable. It allows you to route any audio stream from one application to another, without any loss of quality or latency. You can use VBCable A B for various purposes, such as recording, streaming, mixing, processing or creating audio devices and routing schemes.

VBCable A B download pc

VBCable A B is a donationware product developed by VB-Audio Software, a company that specializes in audio software and virtual devices. VBCable A B is compatible with Windows and macOS, and supports all audio formats and sample rates. You can download and install VBCable A B on your PC by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to VB-Audio Software's website

The first step is to go to VB-Audio Software's website: This is the official website of the developer, where you can find all the information and products related to VBCable A B and other virtual audio devices.

Step 2: Click on the "Donate" button

The second step is to click on the "Donate" button under the "Get VB-Cables A+B!" section. This will take you to a webshop page where you can choose the amount of your donation and the payment method. You can donate as much as you want or as little as 5 euros. Your donation will help the developer to maintain and improve the product.

Step 3: Receive your download link and license key

The third step is to receive your download link and license key after completing the payment. You will receive an email with your personal download link and license key. You can also find them in your webshop account under the "My Download" page. You will need these to download and install VBCable A B on your PC.

Step 4: Download the zip file

The fourth step is to download the zip file on your PC by clicking on the download link. The zip file contains two subfolders: and These are the drivers for VBCable A and VBCable B respectively. You can save the zip file on any location on your PC.

Step 5: Extract the zip file

The fifth step is to extract the zip file on your PC by using any extraction software such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can extract the zip file on any location on your PC, but make sure you have enough space for it. The extracted files will be two setup programs: Setup_VBCABLE_A.exe and Setup_VBCABLE_B.exe.

Step 6: Run the setup programs

The sixth step is to run the setup programs in administrator mode by right-clicking on them and selecting "Run as administrator". You will need to do this for both Setup_VBCABLE_A.exe and Setup_VBCABLE_B.exe. You will see a user account control prompt asking for your permission. Click on "Yes" to continue.

Step 7: Follow the instructions

The seventh step is to follow the instructions on the setup programs. You will see a welcome screen with some information about VBCable A B. Click on "Next" to proceed. You will see a license agreement screen with some terms and conditions. Read them carefully and click on "I Agree" if you accept them. You will see an installation folder screen where you can choose where to install VBCable A B. The default location is C:\Program Files\VB\CABLE_A\ and C:\Program Files\VB\CABLE_B\. You can change it if you want or leave it as it is. Click on "Install" to start the installation.

Step 8: Reboot your PC

The eighth and final step is to reboot your PC after the installation is complete. This is mandatory for VBCable A B to work properly. Click on "Finish" to close the setup programs and restart your PC.

After rebooting, you will see two new audio devices on your PC: VB-CABLE A Input and VB-CABLE A Output, and VB-CABLE B Input and VB-CABLE B Output. These are the virtual audio cables that you can use to connect any audio applications on your PC.

How to use VBCable A B for your audio needs?

Using VBCable A B for your audio needs is very simple and intuitive. You just need to select the appropriate input and output devices in your audio applications, and adjust the settings as needed. Here are some examples of how you can use VBCable A B for different purposes:

Recording audio from any source or application

If you want to record audio from any source or application on your PC, you can use VBCable A B as a virtual recorder. For example, if you want to record audio from a web browser, you can do the following:

  • Select VB-CABLE A Input as the default playback device on your PC.

  • Select VB-CABLE A Output as the recording device in your recording software (such as Audacity or OBS).

  • Open the web browser and play any audio content (such as a YouTube video or a podcast).

  • Start recording in your recording software.

The audio from the web browser will be routed to VB-CABLE A Input, which will send it to VB-CABLE A Output, which will capture it in your recording software. You can adjust the volume levels and other settings in your recording software as needed.

Streaming audio from one application to another

If you want to stream audio from one application to another on your PC, you can use VBCable A