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The Message: A Must-Watch Movie for Muslims and Non-Muslims - Urdu/Hindi Version

Saudi Arabias website states: "We will continue to open a new page in the history of Islam by continuing to open new doors in order to connect with the human soul and the enlightened beings of all times and lands." Through this, Saudi Arabia hopes to "redeem" the ummah, or community of Muslims, from the bickering and wars of the past. Although Saudi Arabia is not known as a country with a lot of direct democracy, it has both a monarch and a king as head of state.

The message of islam full movie in hindi

In Indias neighborhoods, mosques have organized various programs in the community to raise awareness, including the distribution of Islamic books and events offering Quranic lectures. When it comes to women, such programs have become more widespread. The hudu (veil) police have become more visible in places like Delhi, whose law requires that women display their faces to men they are not related to. One such movement is the Hindistan Sabha, a women-only movement that aims to promote mutual respect among all Indians, and also advocacy for environmental protection and womens rights. The Sabha has been active for over a decade and its Hindi website is a source of information for women throughout Indias diaspora.

According to a 2018 UNWOMEN report, divorce is illegal in all 53 countries where Sharia law is practiced, and enforcement varies. In countries where Sharia is not observed, a man can divorce his wife by stating one of the two talaqs, and a woman by stating two, but a woman cannot unilaterally initiate divorce. In some countries, the prohibition against triple talaq is formally restricted to the practice by men. For example, the countries of Afghanistan and Bangladesh - both predominantly Islamic but under secular governments - do not have religious courts. In addition, Islamic courts have been severely limited in Bangladesh, which has seen a history of family law and gender inequality. In Afghanistan, there have been waves of domestic violence stemming from a lack of equality and social justice, and the practice of dar-ul-qaza has also been criticized as a tool of male control over women. Some say that western nations have been slow to copy these countries laws, based on the assumption that the current rules are the best way to ensure equal rights for all women.

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