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Cut Off - Lonely (Radio Edit)

Socks are great. They keep your feet warm and they come in fun and colorful designs. But, sometimes one of your socks goes missing or you get a hole you just don't want to sew. So, what do you do with all of those lonely socks? Well, here are 37 different things you can do with all of your lonely and holey socks.

Cut Off - Lonely (Radio Edit)

Weeks after his chorus for Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music" appeared on the latter's Teflon Don, Drake dropped a solo edition of this quintessential yacht-rap anthem. The resulting "Paris Morton Music" is both a tribute to the music video model and a sterling example of Drake's growth into one of the premier rap crooners of the 2010s. "I talk slicker than a pimp from Augusta," he raps over a beat from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, but what stands out is his anxious singing voice, "full of Marvin Gaye shit" and regret, "going through a midlife crisis." "Paris Morton Music" hasn't appeared on any official release, but it's become one of Drake's most beloved tracks. Three years later, he made a sequel, "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2," for Nothing Was the Same.

The radio station was initially exclusive to the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V, but later became available to other editions of the game as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update on July 8, 2015.

"Citizens of Colorado, this is your Patriarch, wishing you safety and warmth on this cold night. I want to assure you that our borders are secure, our fuel tanks are overflowing, and there is plenty of food and water for everyone.""Citizens of Colorado, this is your Patriarch. No one alive can remember what it was like before the war, but my parents remembered, and they filled me with stories of how it used to be.""Citizens of Colorado, this is your Patriarch. I know many of our more adventurous, entrepreneurial citizens are drawn to prospecting, herding, and even homesteading on and beyond our eastern border, and I admire your frontier spirit.""Citizens of Colorado, this is your Patriarch. Have you ever thought how privileged you are? How fortunate? You live in the greatest state in America. Indeed, it could be said that Colorado is the only America!""It has been a long, hard road getting to this point, with many sacrifices along the way, but the toil has been worth it. Colorado is the envy of all its neighbors, and its people live a life those outside its borders can't imagine.""And those memories became my guide for how things could be again. Safety, security, friendly neighbors from coast to coast, and lives that weren't just filled with struggle, but joy, abundance, leisure.""But I want to warn you that the dangers there are great, and while it is true I and the Marshals long ago defeated the gangs of the plains, their remnants still prowl there, and will attack anyone who ventures too far east.""But that is a sad and lonely state of affairs. Colorado should not be alone. It should be one of many states, all prosperous and free, and enjoying the life we fortunate few are beginning to take for granted.""Thank you, Colorado, and goodnight. This has been your Patriarch, signing off.""Enjoy it. It has been my life's work bringing it to you, and it does my old heart good, knowing you are living happy lives. It is all I ever wanted." "::chuckles:: "Well, I know we're not quite there. We can't take vacations in Colorado yet. We can't walk the streets without a gun at our side, but those days are coming, I promise you - as long as you stand with me and stay the course.""Please. Walk with me just a little further. The future is just over the next hill.""So, I ask you, I beg you, seek your opportunities here, in the heart of the state, where we can keep you safe. There is still plenty of good land unclaimed, and valuable resources still in the ground, just waiting for you.""That is why the torch of liberty that we have lit here, must light other torches in other states and territories, so that the flame of civilization spreads far and wide, and makes the world a kinder, more welcoming place.""Trade must be established, and democracy must be encouraged, while corruption and rule by fiat must be wiped out. We cannot stand alone against barbarism, so we must grow the allies we need, or we will perish."

In any case, I'm not really a big fan of wikia, so I leave any potential edits in this regard up to somebody else with spare time who is willing to confirm this, and perhaps verify to a reasonable degree whether or not slides 06 and 07 can be unlocked for The Boss as well. -- 12:58, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

Hi. A day ago, anon edited the article to say supposedly regarding The Boss being in a sub at the Arctic. However, I'm not sure whether it was supposed to be "supposedly." For one thing, if she was in Tselinoyarsk the entire time, her radio transmissions to Snake and the FOX unit would have been identified as being in close proximity to Snake, not to mention that it would probably have been identified as being burst transmission, thus causing the lie to fall apart quickly. I think we need a settlement on this issue. Weedle McHairybug (talk) 11:52, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

In one sense this is because the SABC has had a hard time shedding its shoddy past. During the apartheid regime it was, in the words of Allister Sparks, "an explicit and unashamed propaganda machine." Under the new democratic government it has emerged with a much more representative board of directors, as well as legal protection from political interference. Its editorial charter pledges fairness and public service journalism, with a news service that produces news in all 11 official languages plus, in the case of radio news, two other San languages.

The challenge today at the SABC is that many of these control structures still exist, albeit in a changed form. And while press attention (local and international) focuses often on the rambunctious changes at the very top levels, little attention is paid to its nether regions. In these provincial bureaus, several journalists, both black and white, who tried under the dire circumstances of apartheid to do their jobs with integrity, are now in positions of responsibility as regional editors (provincial bureau chiefs also responsible for the local radio current affairs shows), executive producers of current affairs shows, and senior reporters.

Given these circumstances, a robust editor and newsroom in a province can be a thorn in the side for an inept or tactless premier. In my years working at SABC I heard provincial premiers excoriate radio news anchors (who work in the provinces), slam regional editors for not providing coverage when they opened a public building, criticize reporters who did unflattering stories, and all the time find sympathetic ears among top management in Johannesburg.

At times the battles over news coverage in the provinces are tough. Regional editors must ensure that the television bulletins broadcast out of Johannesburg are serviced and that the local radio bulletins and current affairs shows are accurate, fair and lively enough to attract listeners. But instead of empowering them to do their jobs, top managers in Johannesburg weakened them three years ago when, against protests of the news division, they installed regional managers in the provinces at levels above regional editors. In the news division, we were assured that our regional editors would still report to editors in Johannesburg, but we were concerned. These regional managers were given no staff and tiny budgets, yet they are paid big salaries and given generous car allowances and a mandate to be SABC "ambassadors" in their provinces.

Soon the "big chief" culture spread. A regional editor in one province was hauled before a disciplinary committee by the regional manager for being absent for a day during Christmas holidays, although as his editor I had approved his leave. Another regional manager called the newsroom on a Saturday afternoon to order a cameraman to a funeral of a powerful businessman, a funeral where this manager was the master of ceremonies.

And then suddenly there was static. He twirls around and stares at the radio, the white noise and his rapidly trembling heart the only thing on his mind as he stared. And then it went silent. The radio turned off by itself, blocking him away from the outside world completely and there was no other sound, no animal, no rain, no wind. Just a hollow emptiness leaving him standing astray within his own mind, in the middle of a lonely cabin in the woods with the doors locked and the windows completely fogged.

Yep, the originals are far far better, though the computer effects on the special editions look absolutely terrible compared to the original stuff (apart from the vaseline blurring out the wheels on the hover car).

I do agree with onyomi though, that attack of the clones is even worse than phantom menace. Menace has a few bright spots between the nonsense, and you can edit it to make a semi-decent film. Not possible with Clones, which has bland characters, a nonsensical plot, and awful stilted dialogue.

One possible answer to your question is that national governments want seignorage, the revenue from issuing currency. Another is that they want the ability to control the price level, for example to benefit debtors at the expense of creditors by inflating when doing so is politically profitable.

But inflation via debasement was generally pretty slow. Carlo Cipolla discusses it in Money, Prices and Civilization in the Mediterranean World, an interesting book. As best I recall his figures, silver coinage on average lost half its value through debasement about every two centuries, and gold coinage was more stable than that. My interpretation, not his, was that the gold was used mainly for international transactions, the silver for local, there were multiple national issuers of gold coin, so there was in effect a competitive market for gold coins. If the Byzantines debased the Noumisma, traders would switch to dinars or ducats or florins instead and the Byzantines would lose both the small seignorage they got by coining and the status of having their money widely used. 041b061a72

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