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Where To Buy Monk In The Trunk Beer

Contemplation; the work of both monks and beer drinkers alike. While the former withdraws into solitude to ponder the theological aspects of God and the nature of man, the later will often seek out a beer that makes them think -- lets call it a religious experience of taste.

where to buy monk in the trunk beer


The beer itself is brewed in Greenville, South Carolina by a company called Thomas Creek Brewing. The brewers put out a fair and wide range of beers under their own label, but around 50% of their production is what is termed 'contract brewing', where a brewmaster will give the recipes and instructions to a third party facility, who brews the beer according to those specifications. What comes out is essentially the same thing that was produced on, say, the pilot system of the recipe creator. This can be handy for a brewer who lacks the space needed to run a full production brewery, and is beneficial to the producer, who can make extra money by running contracts on empty fermenters.

Among the sponge divers and rich Greek dishes, a little slice of Belgium found its way to Tarpon Springs. Saint Somewhere Brewing Company specializes in traditional Belgian style ales, corked bottle et al. As a small batch brewery, Saint Somewhere uses Belgium malt and wheat, noble hops and an open fermentation process, leaving the beers unfiltered, and referments in the bottle (there will be bits of flotsam in the bottle). The result is a sweet adaptation of Belgium beer with a Florida twist.

The abbey was dissolved in 1803 and from 1832 it served as the local mental asylum. In 1981, it was converted into a training and conference centre. Renovation work on the former abbey began in 1970 and its brewery was expanded to include a brewery museum, offering direct views into the brewhouse and the fermentation cellar. A restaurant with a Biergarten, a hotel and a conference centre followed. The unfiltered Kloster-Urtrunk is the signature beer of Irsee and boasts an original spicy yet mild flavour. Other variations include the dark, quaffable, mildly aromatic Kloster-Urdunkel, the strong, amber-coloured Kloster-Starkbier, the Kloster-Weiße with its fine yeastiness and the classic (only in German)

The Premonstratensian monks had been brewing beer in the abbey as early as 1623. The brewery building was built in 1792. It specialises in bottom-fermented beers, including the following: Ursberger Märzen, amber in colour with very mild bitters; Pils with typical hop aromas; Helles, a full-bodied light beer with pleasant hop bitters; Dunkles, dark, malty and full-bodied with a fine bouquet. The beers can be enjoyed in the restaurant or the Biergarten. Accommodation is provided in the adjacent (only in German)

The Aldersbach Brewery, southwest of Vilshofen on the Danube, also looks back on a long monastic history. 1268 saw the first mention of monks at the Cistercian Monastery of Aldersbach brewing beer primarily for their own consumption. In the 16th century, the brothers expanded the brewery and planted hops. As a consequence of the secularisation in 1803, the family of the Freiherr of Aretin took over the complex and has been running the brewery ever since. 041b061a72

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